This is our land

This is your coffee!

Under the shadow of the imposing Machupicchu and it’s ancestral culture, the best grains of Arabica coffee of Peril are hidden, where small coffee producers, with dedication and effort friendly with nature, have achieved that our coffee perceive attributes such as: good aroma, bright acidity, creamy body, chocolate notes. The strength and consistency of a special drink that Café D’Wasi has developed through a joint work of passionate producers, tasters, roasters and baristas, seeking excellence. The Golden Cup!

APAE EL TUNKY means Association of Agroecological Coffee Farmers

Santa Teresa – Quillabamba – La Convención
Cusco – Perú
Altitude: 1500- 2300masl



100%, Arabic Coffee
Bourbon Rojo, Catimor, Caturra, Geysha, Typica

Seeing the future

Our commitment

The commitment with our clients is based Mainly on offering a coffee with export quality, with punctuality in the delivery and consolidating good commercial relations, based on constant growth, guaranteeing the sustainability of our production of special coffees.

Celestino Carrasco dueñas cafedwasi